Watch Blue Origin Launch a 4-Person Team, Including William Shatner, Into Space Live – TechCrunch

Just three months after Blue Origin successfully sent its first manned rocket into orbit, it is set for another launch on Wednesday, October 13. This time, instead of the founder and CEO of Blue, Jeff Bezos, will head the flight, the company will send the 90-year-old. William Shatner, who will become the oldest person to go into space.

The NS-18 mission is scheduled to take off from Launch Site One, the company’s sprawling launch facility near Van Horn in western Texas. The crew will fly on the company’s New Shepard rocket. The launch was originally scheduled to fly on October 12, but Blue Orign mission operations decided on Sunday to delay it one day due to the forecast strong winds.

The previous launch livestream is scheduled to begin around 5:30 a.m. PT (8:30 a.m. ET) on October 13, with the launch scheduled for about an hour later.

Boshuizen, a member of the crew, joined us last year at TC Sessions: Space; the next event is coming up in December, there is still plenty of time to buy your tickets.



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