verified on Twitter

How to get verified on Twitter? After years of controversy over the most famous status symbol on social media, Twitter is introducing a new process designed to streamline the once opaque system.

Twitter is allowing people to reapply for blue-and-white ticks, which could trigger a flood of requests from people who have been asking the social media company for years for an endorsement badge.

Twitter said Thursday it is starting a new application process for the coveted check badges, which have become an online status symbol since Twitter introduced them in 2009. In the past, the company issued them to politicians, celebrities, journalists and other public figures, but stopped issuing them in 2017 as it considered a reorganization.

Now, after nearly four years of debate inside and outside Twitter about what online identity verification means, the San Francisco-based company says the badges are still valuable to people and will be available again.

“The blue verification badge gives people on Twitter more information about who they’re interacting with,” said Byrne, a product manager at Twitter who helps oversee the identity project.

People who want verified status on Twitter will be able to apply through their phone app as soon as the software update takes effect, which the company says will happen as early as Thursday for some people. The full rollout could take several weeks.

verified on Twitter

According to Twitter policy, the criteria for verification remain quite strict. Candidates must be known in areas such as government, entertainment, sports or political activism, and they must abide by Twitter rules, including a ban on glorifying violence. Later this year, Twitter said it plans to expand verification to other fields, such as scientists, academics and religious leaders.

Byrne said Twitter had considered relaxing the criteria, even allowing anyone to apply for verification, but he said that would have resulted in “inauthentic accounts” getting verified, “and that wouldn’t be a meaningful signal of anything.”

He also said that Twitter has introduced a significant number of new employees to review applications, and that this would be done through human analysis rather than automation.

Twitter said it has about 199 million daily active users worldwide, about 360,000 of whom are verified.

Last year, Twitter briefly banned verified accounts from tweeting during a high-profile security breach, and sometimes “blue tick” became a pejorative term in online political debates. Facebook has its own version of the blue-and-white tick.

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