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Twitter trusted friends: Twitter has announced that it is exploring new ways to share tweets between users.

Stressing that the company has not yet created working versions of any of the ideas, the Twitter designer said that at this stage, the social media company welcomes feedback on the suggestions.

The first idea is an easier way to share tweets with a specific group of people using a feature called “trusted friends.”

“We hear you all by switching your tweets from public to protected, juggling alt-accounts,” Twitter said in a post. “It can be easier to communicate with whoever you want, whenever you want.”

On that basis, “Trusted Friends” will allow you to create a private group to which you can send select tweets. It will be possible to set it up so that tweets from trusted friends are displayed first, Twitter suggests, which will offer another option alongside existing chronological or home feeds, which use an algorithm to display “best” tweets.

Another feature under consideration will allow you to create and write tweets from different personas, such as work, family and special interests, all within the same account. Subscribers will be able to choose whether to continue following the entire account or just choose certain personas, weeding out tweets they’re not interested in.

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Finally, there’s an interesting concept that will allow you to choose words or phrases you don’t want to see in your replies or mentions. This means that if someone uses any of these words or phrases while replying to you, they will see a message telling them that you prefer not to see such content, and that if they decide to post the tweet, it will be sent straight to the end of the conversation. You might also be able to click a button that automatically deactivates the account if the person behind it ignores the advice to reformulate their tweet more than once. The following shows how this might work:

Once again, it should be said that these ideas are only concepts at this point that may or may not see the light of day. If Twitter users like the sound of these suggestions and make their feelings known, the company will probably create them for a period of actual testing before possibly rolling them out to everyone, so stay tuned.

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