Twitter Super Follow

Twitter announced its first-ever paid product, called “Twitter Super Follow” which will let some creators ask users to pay to access their content.

This is a feature that could change everything for Twitter. And finally, help the company monetize its feed.

Twitter Super Follow will aim to combine all the good sides of the community trends of Discord, the insights of Substack, the audio rooms of Clubhouse (with Twitter Spaces), and the creator support of Patreon, all in one paid subscription.

There are not many details on the feature yet, nor has it received an official launch timeline when it was announced during Twitter’s Analyst Day event Thursday morning.

Twitter Super Follow will allow users to subscribe to some of their favorite creators for a monthly subscription. In exchange, subscribers will earn exclusive perks, subscriber-only content, monthly recaps, deals, and discounts as well as a subscriber badge. On the other side, Creators will be able to add a paywall to certain media they share, including tweets, fleets, and audio chats in Twitter Spaces.

Subscribers will also be able to join “Communities,” another new feature coming to Twitter. It will aim to compete with Facebook Groups, although its core objective will be to provide “Twitter Super Follow” a place to network.

All in all, this is going to be a very interesting time for Twitter.

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