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According to reports, Twitter is close to launching ‘Twitter Blue,’ a paid subscription service.

According to Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher with a penchant for spotting unreleased app features in code, Twitter is close to launching a new paid subscription service called Twitter Blue. The $2.99 per month service will allegedly introduce two premium features – Collections and an “Undo Tweet” button.

The new collections feature expands on the platform’s bookmarks, allowing you to save and organize your favorite Tweets in collections. Up until now, you could only save Tweets in a chronological list.

The “Undo Tweet” button that may be rolling out with Twitter Blue is probably what most people want, as it’s the closest to having an edit Tweet button – probably the most-requested Twitter feature of all time.

However, it is expected to be more like the undo send on Gmail, which gives you a few seconds after sending an email to take it back.

In addition to these two features, Wong said that Twitter is also working on some kind of tiered subscription pricing model that may offer a “clutter-free news-reading experience,” among other benefits – depending on the tier.

Furthermore, Tony Haile, former CEO of Scroll (a company acquired by Twitter recently) revealed that there is a plan to “integrate into a broader Twitter subscription later in the year”.

According to reports, Twitter is close to launching ‘Twitter Blue,’ a paid subscription service.

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This goes along with Wong’s predictions, but we simply don’t know exactly which direction Twitter will take in the end.

Twitter has been exploring alternative revenue streams for some time, and especially since advertising – its main source of revenue – is being threatened by Apple’s iPhone and iPad update that requires apps to get user consent before tracking their activity.

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