This is interesting – today, Twitter has announced that it has acquired Threader, an app that enables users to compile and share tweet threads in a more readable format, by simply tweeting ‘@threader_app compile’ within a thread reply chain.

Twitter Acquires Threader App Which Compiles Tweet Threads into Readable Text

As you can see in this example, when you tweet at the Threader app, it returns a compiled text chain of the thread, which you can then read yourself and share with others, providing more utility for longer tweeted missives.

There are various tools like this, with Thread Reader being another one – but Twitter also recently added the same functionality into its Twitter Blue paid subscription offering, which the Threader team actually helped with in development.

Given this, it makes sense for Twitter to solidify the partnership, though it’ll be interesting to see if Twitter looks to shut down other thread compilation options and bots as a means to push people towards paying for Twitter Blue instead, in order to access the same functionality.

That’s probably not likely – just today, Twitter announced the launch of its v2 API, which is designed to facilitate a more open platform for developers, and removes many of the restrictions that Twitter had previously put in place which impeded the same.

Which would suggest that Twitter won’t be standing in the way of such usage and functions – but it is an interesting acquisition in this respect, which could point to further development of its thread reading integration and management.

Which, really, is the best way for Twitter to manage such, by simply creating the best, native versions of these third-party apps and tools.

Where Twitter could still win out on this front is in analytics – while the updated Twitter Blue offering includes a range of more handy, valuable features, it could look to round them out even further by adding in improved analytics tools and options, that could make it an even more important investment for social media marketers and analysts.

If Twitter were to add in, say, the capacity to compare accounts, to glean insights on follower location, to research competitors, etc., that could make Twitter Blue, or another version of it (‘Twitter Red’?) even more valuable, which could be another way forward for Twitter’s paid offerings.

It hasn’t gone that far just yet, but the expansion of Twitter Blue is seeing positive response, and that could open up new avenues for expansion of the program in future.

As for Threader, the app will be shut down on December 15th – so if you want to download any of your old Threads, better move now.



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