This could be handy – TikTok is testing a new option that would enable users to pin selected videos to the top of their profile display, helping to showcase specific clips to their profile visitors.

TikTok Tests New Option to Pin Selected Video Clips to the Top of Your Profile

As you can see in this example, posted by Sam Schmir (and shared by social media expert Matt Navarra), the new option would enable you to pin selected clips at the top of your profile content grid, enabling you to showcase the best examples of your work, or your latest promotions, Q and A clips, responses, etc.

In its current test form, you can pin up to three clips, taking up the whole top line in your display, which provides another strategic opportunity to help build your audience, and maximize engagement, by putting the spotlight on your chosen work.

It’s a logical addition for TikTok, with post pinning already available in most social apps, giving social media managers and users more control over how their content is displayed, which can be a big help in holding visitor attention. And like other platforms, there will be various ways that you can use it – some share their most engaging tweets or posts, while others share promotions, their new blog post, their latest book, or whatever else.

It won’t be a major change, but it could be a very relevant, and helpful one, and it’s another element to factor into your TikTok planning moving forward.

And with TikTok continuing to gain traction, the app is set to be a key consideration for even more brands this holiday season. Given this, you should be looking to utilize every opportunity to boost your TikTok engagement where you can – so while this isn’t a ‘game-changer’ as such, any advantage you can glean is worth, at the least, experimenting with.

We asked TikTok for confirmation on the test, and the planned rollout or availability, but we don’t have any further insight at this stage.



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