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TikTok strategy. Brief description of the dive:

Unilever, Madewell, Google, MTV and Geico are among the first partners of the new Attn: studio, created to help brands better target TikTok, according to the announcement.

TikTok’s dedicated solution-oriented media studio provides best practices and services for content production, creator recruitment, community management, paid media, platform analysis and more. TikTok itself collaborates with the store through an existing partnership in which Attn: operates the TikTok for Good channel, which focuses on topics such as environmentalism.

Attn: aims to help brands appear organically in TikTok’s algorithmized feed and drive sales for those interested in the platform’s growing number of commercial tools. The studio’s launch is the latest sign that there is a high demand for marketing professionals on the video-sharing app, which has seen explosive user growth during the pandemic.

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Attn: is capitalizing on the high demand for TikTok know-how by launching a studio offering a range of services in marketing, platform analysis and content production. The publisher is using the launch as a means of deepening existing relationships with blue-chip marketers, who are directing more of their media spending to the digital and mobile channels preferred by younger consumers. Its ultimate goal is to help customers improve brand perception and sales, indicating that the studio will try to leverage TikTok’s growing social commerce capabilities.

Unilever Entertainment, the packaged goods giant’s own pop-culture division, previously enlisted Attn: to create the script for the “Girls’ Room” series, which promoted the Dove brand. The award-winning project, which looked at self-esteem and body image in young women, was created by Lena Waithe and aired on IGTV’s Instagram channel. Now Unilever intends to take Attn:’s success in helping create audience-focused social content to TikTok, where the new studio will hone audience engagement strategies for products like Murad Skincare.

Attn: has also worked on influencer marketing for J. Crew’s Madewell line and is currently developing co-branding campaigns for Google, MTV and Geico. Perhaps the strongest sign of a media company’s good faith with TikTok is how much content it handles for the video-sharing platform itself.

Attn: was tasked with curating the TikTok for Good channel earlier this year as part of a one-year partnership, and according to the announcement, the account’s audience has grown 50-fold. Topics promoted by @TikTokForGood, such as the #ForClimate campaign raising awareness about climate change, have garnered hundreds of millions of views on the video-sharing app.

Founded in 2014, Attn: specializes in engaging young consumers on social media by highlighting current social issues. The clear interest in publishers’ bets on marketing services suggests that brands are increasingly looking to put purpose at the center of their marketing strategies, but in a way that looks credible to a picky audience like Generation Z.

Other marketing service providers are seeking to develop their strategies on TikTok amid a massive influx of brand activity on the platform, which has made highlighting on the main feed more competitive and expensive. Advertising holding giant WPP signed a global partnership with TikTok in February that opens up early access to advertising products, mobile innovation and opportunities for creators. In April, IPG inked a three-year deal with the app that includes the creation of a Creator Collective that will provide agency clients with guidance on engaging users in an authentic and inclusive way.

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