Will TikTok be part of your 2021 holiday marketing strategy?

It’ll certainly see a lot of usage, with the platform continuing to lead the app download charts, and add more users, making it a legitimate competitor for Instagram in terms of attention and relevance.

And it could be even more so among younger user groups, a key market for boosting brand awareness and demand. It won’t be for every business, and you do need to spend some time to understand the platform to maximize your campaigns (the best TikTok ads feel like regular TikTok clips), but for those mapping out their holiday strategy, it may well be worth experimenting with TikTok, in order to stay in touch with rising usage trends.

If you are considering it, this will help. This week, TikTok has published part one of its 2021 Holiday Marketing guide, which outlines some key usage stats, important shopping dates to note, and even provides a calendar overview for planning your outreach.

TikTok will provide more tips next week – you can check out the full overview here, or the infographic summary below.

TikTok Shares New Holiday Marketing Guide to Assist with Strategic Planning [Infographic]



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