TikTok has shared a new set of tips on how to maximize conversion with your TikTok ads, based on thousands of examples in its system.

Using automated analysis, TikTok scanned its ad network to identify key elements of the highest converting campaigns, which could be a big help in maximizing the performance of your approach on the platform.

Here’s what it found:

TikTok Shares Best Practice Tips for Driving Conversion with Your Ads

As you can see here, shooting in high resolution, utilizing full-screen presentation, sharing a clear CTA and keeping your messaging short (between 21 and 34 seconds) can all play a big role in boosting your TikTok ad performance.

Many of these pointers have been industry best practice notes for some time, but it is interesting to see them highlighted based on TikTok-specific examples also.

In addition to this, TikTok has also provided some industry-specific tips:


  • Using closed captioning or on-screen text that clearly displays an offer or call-to-action drove an 80% lift in conversion
  • A combination of human voiceover illustrating the product and written offer drove an 87% lift in conversion
  • Videos that used a variety of scenes, as opposed to a static shot, led to a 38% lift in conversion


  • Gaming ads with five or more scenes showed a 171% lift in conversion compared to those with fewer scenes.
  • Videos that utilized onscreen text in the first 7 seconds saw a 43% lift in conversion compared to videos that waited 7 seconds or longer to show text

There are some valuable, actionable notes here, which could provide guidance in your own TikTok ads approach. Of course, performance will still come down to your own creative approach, and how your brand and product connects with the TikTok audience. But by familiarizing yourself with the app, and following these notes, you may be able to formulate better approaches to your campaigns.

You can check out TikTok’s full conversion tips overview here.



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