TikTok has announced the expansion of its Video Kit integrations, which will see more third-party platforms able to offer TikTok content creation options within their respective product suites.

Via its ‘Share to TikTok’ video API, approved third-party platforms can integrate TikTok video creation directly into their tools, providing expanded creative capacity through additional templates and enhancements that can facilitate more pathways into the app.

Now TikTok’s partnering with more providers on this:

Building on the existing ways that people can create and share content on TikTok, the expansion of the feature to include web, desktop, and console-based developers will further advance the creative process and give people multiple avenues to create new original, high-quality content.”

The new partner platforms are Clipchamp, Combo, Grabyo, Kapwing, LG U+ and Mobcrush.

@clipchamp We’ve integrated with TikTok! Create and share your videos faster than ever ???? #exporttotiktok #videoediting #clipchamp ♬ original sound – Clipchamp

As you can see in this example, the expanded integrations will provide new templates and tools for TikTok creators, as well as the capacity to export your creation direct to the app, facilitating all new options.

That could be particularly beneficial for marketers looking to put together more professional videos via desktop apps and tools, integrated into their broader content process. Now, with these third-party options, you’ll have more ways to build more polished TikTok clips – though it is also worth noting that ‘more polished’ content won’t necessarily perform better in the app.

As TikTok itself has repeatedly noted, brands should look to ‘make TikToks, not ads’ in alignment with the organic approaches in the app. The more you can connect your content with user trends, the more successful your clips are likely to be, which could mean that templates and tools aren’t as beneficial as they may be on other platforms.

But it could help to enhance your presentation, and put together more eye-catching, thumb-stopping creative elements – which, again, may also better align with your general creation process.

Either way, you now have more options to consider in your process.



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