TikTok has added a new set of video editing features, just in time for the holidays, which will give users more ways to create engaging, swipe-stopping clips for their followers and fans in the app.

The main addition is a new GIF option within its Green Screen tool, which will enable users to select from a selection of moving GIPHY GIFs to apply as their background when they use the Green Screen effect.

TikTok Adds New Creative Tools for the Holidays, including GIFs in Green Screen Mode

As per TikTok:

“Whether looking for the perfect reaction GIF or showcasing an iconic meme, GIPHY in Green Screen unlocks exciting new opportunities for creativity and storytelling.”

That could make for some increasingly creative and interesting combinations – though it is interesting to see GIPHY, which Meta acquired last year, partnering with TikTok on the project.

You would think, given their growing rivalry, and battle for user attention, that Meta wouldn’t want to help TikTok expand its utility in any way. Maybe Meta will change its mind on this at some point.

TikTok’s also adding a new ‘Visual Enhancement’ button which will reduce the effects of over-exposure, low-light, and add color correction to your clips.

TikTok Adds New Creative Tools for the Holidays, including GIFs in Green Screen Mode

“Whether uploading from your camera roll or shooting directly from TikTok, video enhancement helps save time fine-tuning video edits before publishing.”

The option will help to improve the look of your clips without you needing to make manual edits, while also helping to avoid frustration in capture.

You can switch on Visual Enhancement after you’ve captured or uploaded your video by tapping the new ‘Enhance’ button on the right function panel.

TikTok’s also leaning further into creative sound effects, with a new option that will enable users to “make any sound or voice from their videos sound like an animal or musical instrument”.

“People can make their sound mimic a cat’s meow or flute’s and suona’s melody.”

TikTok Adds New Creative Tools for the Holidays, including GIFs in Green Screen Mode

TikTok also recently added Disney character voice options for its popular text-to-speech tool, which proved popular, and maybe, sound editing like this will be a new trend for creators in the app.

To use the new sound option, after you’ve recorded or uploaded your video, tap the “Voice Effects” button in the right panel.

Finally, TikTok’s also enabling higher quality video uploads, with users in some regions now able to upload videos in 1080 HD.


#HowTo upload TikToks in HD! #contentking #hd #tiktoktip #hack

♬ Yes Indeed – Gypsy Woman Mix – Freddo

As you can see in the above clip, the HD upload option is available on the Publishing page in the upload process. Some users have had access to this toggle for several months, but now, TikTok is broadening access to more creators.

That’ll be a big addition for video artists and those looking to maximize the look of their clips. Right now, it’s only available in some markets, with TikTok looking to expand HD uploads to more regions soon.

These are some interesting, creative updates, which will no doubt catch on over the holiday break. Which is why TikTok’s pushing them out now, in the hopes of sparking new trends, and maximizing user interest in the period.

And for brands, they also open up new creative considerations, while enhanced upload settings also provide more capacity to share professional quality clips.

You can read more about TikTok’s new additions here.



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