Making music from neurons

Making music from neurons in 2021

Simon(e)San changes the way scientists think about brain cells: Making music from neurons. Looking through a microscope, Ph.D. candidate Simon(e) Sun takes a tiny glass pipette and carefully brings it...
network names can disable Wi-Fi on iPhones

Researcher finds certain network names can disable Wi-Fi on iPhones

Looks like Wi-Fi networks with percent symbols in their names can cause an error Network names can disable Wi-Fi on iPhones: A security researcher has discovered that some Wi-Fi networks...
Best cheap drones

Best cheap drones to get you up in the air

Best cheap drones in 2021: When it comes to drones, it wasn't that long ago that you would have to spend over a thousand of your hard-earned money to...
what 6G could look like

Never mind 5G. This is what 6G could look like

One of Qualcomm's researchers behind the creation of 5G offers a look at a key element of the next generation of wireless technology. It's more than speed. What 6G...
spilled water on laptop

New redesigned MacBook Pros might launch in September alongside the iPhone 13

New redesigned MacBook Pro: MacBook Pro fans have been having a tough time of it lately. While rumors of a brand new MacBook Pro 14 and an updated MacBook...
Windows 11 fixes

Windows 11 fixes the dreaded update process in one very important way

Windows 11 fixes: Windows 11 will introduce an important feature related to the update process that many people have been waiting for. You will now be able to know...
Android 12

When is my phone getting Android 12?

When will my phone get Android 12? The second beta version of Android 12 has been released, and it shows off most of the new features that will eventually appear...
tablets for small business

The best tablets for small businesses in 2021

Here's a guide to help you choose small business tablets. A tablet can be a powerful tool for your small business. A tablet's large screen is ideal for demonstrations,...
iOS 15 public beta

Anyone can install the iOS 15 public beta now – here’s how

Apple's final version of iOS 15 won't be released until the fall, but anyone with a compatible device can test it out now with the first public beta. The...
Google Chrome

Google Chrome, YouTube defaults for education accounts in 2021

Google Chrome update: The new age-appropriate access settings "make it easier for administrators to tailor user experiences based on age when using Google services." After announcing a number of new...

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Take Their Love to Capri During Romantic Outing

After a recent vacation in the south of France, lovers Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck headed to Italy, and an eyewitness told E! News...
Zach King

Video creator Zach King breaks the record for having the most followers on TikTok...

TikTok star and well-known Internet personality Zach King (USA) has officially confirmed that he has the most followers on TikTok (men) thanks to his...
across the ocean in a hamster wheel

Man running across the ocean in a hamster wheel washes up on shore

Across the ocean in a hamster wheel: Reza Baluchi tried to make a charity run from Miami to New York on a giant floating...