Targeted Abuse by Groups

Targeted Abuse by Groups and Comment Limits: Instagram is introducing a new option to combat abuse on the platform, this time aimed at limiting the actions of groups of users rather than disabling or restricting individual profiles.

Targeted Abuse by Groups

As seen in this example posted by Ahmed Ghanem (and shared by Matt Navarra), some Instagram users now see a new “Limits” option in their privacy settings that allows them to temporarily limit unwanted comments and posts from select groups.

Instagram says it will recommend groups of accounts you might want to restrict based on detected activity, allowing users to hide interactions with those users unless they manually choose to see them.

Navarra also shared these screenshots of how to set up the restrictions you choose:

Targeted Abuse by Groups

As you can see here, you can limit interaction with accounts that don’t follow you or with new subscribers, which can help reduce the impact of those who want to join the pile as a result of being “cancelled” or something similar.

This is becoming increasingly common, and it can be surprisingly easy to inadvertently step into a misinterpreted attack or criticism, causing the dreaded “cancellation culture” stare to shift to you, your fifteen minutes of internet frenzy.

And even if you make a comment that you know will elicit a backlash, the sudden increase in attention can be overwhelming, so disabling or limiting mentions can bring welcome relief, allowing users to reduce anxiety and stress.

Instagram also added a “Limit” option in 2019, which also allows users to limit comments from certain users by hiding them from your view.

Targeted Abuse by Groups

But as noted, this option is aimed at reducing the influence of individual users-the new option is aimed at limiting “brigandage,” where groups of people band together to attack an individual.

We reached out to Instagram for more information about the update, and he provided the following statement

“We want to give people more ways to deal with intense instances of harassment or abuse. We’re testing a new tool that allows people to hide DM comments and posts from recent subscribers or people they haven’t followed in a certain period of time.”

So, right now it’s just a test. If you participate in the test, you’ll see this option in the privacy settings in the app.

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