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“There are three common mistakes that most SaaS marketers make over and over again when it comes to clarity and high-converting content,” says Konrad Sanders, Founder and CEO of The Creative Copywriter, “1. Do not differentiate yourself from the competition. 2. Don’t humanize the ‘tech talk’. 3. Not adjusting your messages to the stage of knowing potential customers at the appropriate stage of the funnel. “

In an oversaturated market, how can you differentiate yourself? This week in marketers, Sanders took the time to answer that, breaking down B2B SaaS marketing, and telling us how marketers can get it right. Anna Heim, daily reporter for Extra Crunch, interviewed Robert Katai, a Romanian marketing expert, as part of our TechCrunch Experts series. If there is a growth marketer that you think we should meet, please complete our poll And tell us why!

Marketer: One Net Inc.
Recommended by: Good trip
Testimonial: “Exceptional SEO expertise. My electronic communications start is 100% SEO traffic based and three years ago we were removed from Google’s list because we did not understand duplicate content. One Net fixed our site and optimized it for Google, allowing us to go back to the SERPs. The bottom line is: they saved our business. “

Marketer: Natalia Bandach, Hypertria
Recommended by: Jean-Noel Saunier, Growth Hacking Course
Testimonial: “Natalia is someone with an innovative approach to drivers of growth and experimentation, full of creative solutions and lots of ideas that she quickly tests through experimentation. Instead of focusing on one area, she tries to verify what makes the most sense for a company. and she designs experiments that are crucial not only in the short term but also in the long term.She is an ethical growth manager, likes to know that the business brings real value and is ready to turn in all directions. [which] he does it fast, however, with a focus on team well-being, professional growth and always avoiding burnout. “

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Marketer: Avi Grondin, Variance Marketing
Recommended by: Adam Czach, Explorer laboratories
Testimonial: “They have a hands-on approach and worked with my team not only to drive results, but also to educate us on how we can further grow our company.”

Marketer: Nate lady Deep strategy
Recommended by: Amanda Valle, Adobe
Testimonial: “They provided a strong content writing, management and research platform, enabling us to better manage, produce and collaborate around our content.”

Marketer: Oren Greenberg, Curve
Recommended by: Miguel Lorenzos
Testimonial: “He is the most knowledgeable growth marketer I have ever met with a wide range of experience and an uncanny ability to zoom in and out of business context and tactical implementation.”

(Extra Crunch) Are B2B SaaS Marketers Wrong ?: Konrad Sanders, content strategist in addition to being the founder and CEO of The Creative Copywriter, wrote about SaaS marketing for Extra Crunch. He dived into what SaaS marketers are getting wrong, how to stand out in the crowded industry, and the importance of how to tackle each section of your funnel. Sanders says, “By creating content for each stage of the funnel, you will address your potential customers’ concerns at the appropriate point in the buyer’s journey and increase the chances that when they come to make a purchase, it will be with you.”

Romanian marketing expert Robert Katai explains how to get the most out of your content: This week, Anna described Robert Katai. Katai told him all about the Romania opening scene and her views on content repurposing. When he talks about using carousel content on Instagram and LinkedIn, he says: “The first slide should get your attention, it can be a question. The second slide can be a link to the interview so that even if people don’t click on it, it will be on their minds. Then you can have slides with valuable information. “Read the entire interview to find out what the third slide should be!

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