Some Twitter Users are Seeing Fleets from Profiles They Don't Follow

Some Twitter Users are Seeing Fleets from Profiles They Don’t Follow: It’s… interesting.

According to various users, Twitter now shows them flotsam from profiles they don’t follow at the top of the timeline in the Flotsam panel, seeking to maximize the use of its Stories-like option.

As you can see in this example posted by user @ehab (shared by Matt Navarra), Twitter now highlights posts from profiles not in your network, showing them in gray lightning, as opposed to your regular posts.

Various users are reporting the same thing, with some noting that these “highlighted floats” start showing up in the floats panel after you’ve looked at all the recent floats from your connections.

Some are not very happy with this.

I mean, the idea behind Fleets is that they provide a more intimate, direct way to communicate – but again, viewing Fleets from your extended network, from profiles that are ideally related to your interests, can help increase your use of Fleets and showcase some of the best content on the platform, which can improve engagement.

It can also help make Fleets more popular for creators and give them more ways to connect with potentially interested audiences, which, as a result, can make Fleets more appealing to brands. If your Fleets can now reach a lot more people and you don’t have to do anything extra, it’s essentially a free organic increase in reach that you usually have to pay for.

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This can lead to a spike in your Fleets stats, which can raise eyebrows around Fleet use.

But on the other hand, it might just annoy people.

I think as long as fleets from your compounds get priority, it’s not too bad. But a forced demonstration might not be ideal.

Also, Twitter users have never been particularly open to change. Any kind of change.

Still, it’s worth watching and seeing if you start attracting new audiences with your floats. Not all users see the update yet, but if you check all your regular fleets, you may see a few gray lightning bubbles appearing in the app when you update or re-open the app.

On the other hand, it’s interesting to see that Twitter has found a use for the old lightning icon it originally used for Moments.

So I guess that’s a possibility, too.

We’ve asked Twitter for more information about the testing and will update this post if/when we get a response.

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