Some Films & Milk: What a wonderful climax for  the 2021 Christmas ad collection

Is this not the most perfect example of a wonderful advert idea meets brilliant directing decisions? Lithuanian telco, Telia’s, Christmas ad is full of life-affirming humour and a dash of self-irony. The direction decisions are by Some Films’ Axel Laubscher. The idea is by agency, Milk. There is none of the usual pathos in its story of older people loneliness. Telia is the unobtrusive hero throughout.

The narrative zips through a chain of situations in which a pair of elderly meddlers niggle at one another by text for “transgressions of preposterous triviality”. And while the annoyance they feel for each other is immense, so is the love. Their mutual animosity unravels the moment they realise they can miss each other dearly.

“This not only goes straight to the funny bone, it also subtly points to the topic of the loneliness among elders and the social connections shattered by hardships, especially set against the backdrop of global events in the past few years,” Some Films stated.



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