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Tweet Exposure

How Twitter is Driving Tweet Exposure and Virtual Hangouts in 2021

Tweet Exposure: In a native Snapchat integration, Twitter hopes to fuel more interactive embeds over screenshots. Separately, the platform is eager to help people better connect via video through...

How Reddit is Expanding its Video Presence with Dubsmash in 2021

“It’s clear that our missions closely align and that our community-focused platforms can coexist and grow as we learn from each other.” — Steve Huffman, CEO, Reddit 2020 has seen...
Email Marketing

How to Effectively Engage Your Audience Through Email Marketing in 2021

From enhancing your storytelling to amplifying your subject lines, bookmark these effective tactics to drive your subscriber engagement rate and gain more success from your email outreach. Gone are the...
brand ambassador

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Network on Instagram in 2021

Teaming up with a brand ambassador has proven to be one of the most effective ways to promote your brand across social media. Bookmark these tips for building your...
How to Win Social Media Conversions

How to Win Social Media Conversions After The Holiday Rush In 2021

How to Win Social Media Conversions? As the frantic festive period and the huge marketing pushes are behind us, it can be much more difficult to generate campaigns that...
How YouTube Supporting Black Creators

How YouTube Supporting Black Creators and Artists in 2021

How YouTube Supporting Black Creators? “This is not a flash-in-the pan Instagram moment. This is about keeping the drum beat of change alive, and in the DNA of our...

How Twitter is Expanding its Reach in Audio in 2021

The move follows a string of podcast content deals in recent years and new reports projecting podcasting ad spending will reach $1.33 billion in 2022. In June 2020, Twitter introduced audio...
Google AR

Google AR: How Google is Preparing for Fully Immersive AR Environments in 2021

Google AR: As e-commerce takes off, consumers still value the in-store experience and Google’s latest effort brings together the best of both worlds. Plus, the company is leaning into...

Carole Baskin launches CAT, Her Own Cryptocurrency In 2021

Famous big cat-lover and Tiger King star, Carole Baskin, has launched her own cryptocurrency – CAT. It seems like everyone’s minting their own crypto coin these days, with freshly minted...

Tinder Launches Vibes, A New In-App Event In 2021

Tinder has announced the launch of Vibes, a new in-app event that helps members express themselves more easily. Tinder noticed that Gen Z members updated their bios three times more...

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Google Pay

Google Pay Starts Letting US Users Send Money Abroad In 2021

Google Pay has integrated with Western Union and Wise to allow users in the US to send money to Google Pay users in India...
Product feed optimization

Product feed optimization: Here’s more reason to use those attributes in 2021

Google is surfacing product attributes such as "Material" in Shopping ads. Google is showing attributes from product feeds in Shopping ads. Product feed optimization: If you...
keyword stuffing

The real-world impact of keyword stuffing in Google My Business in 2021

Many businesses are rebranding completely to skirt Google's guidelines. But when everyone does it, it becomes a branding nightmare. Keyword stuffing has been a hot...