WhatsApp Will Not Limit App Functionality

WhatsApp Will Not Limit App Functionality If You Do Not Accept Its New Privacy...

WhatsApp will not limit app functionality if you decide not to accept its controversial new privacy policy. WhatsApp Will Not Limit App Functionality: Earlier this year, WhatsApp announced a new...
Mute A WhatsApp

How To Mute A WhatsApp Chat Forever in 2021

WhatsApp last week finally announced the ability to mute chat conversations on its app… forever. Wanna mute a WhatsApp Chat? Many would argue that the best way for anyone...
WhatsApp Photos And Videos

WhatsApp Photos And Videos In Chats Will No Longer Be Cropped In 2021

WhatsApp photos and videos will now be shown in full in message threads thanks to a small but useful update to the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp Photos And Videos In Chats:...
disappearing messages in WhatsApp

Disappearing Messages In WhatsApp After 24 Hours

According to reports,automatically disappearing messages in WhatsApp after 24 hours.  Last year, WhatsApp launched a new feature that lets you send messages that would disappear after seven days. Apparently, that’s...
WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business Adds QR Codes And Catalog Sharing In 2021

WhatsApp has announced the rollout of QR codes and catalog sharing for businesses using its WhatsApp Business app. WhatsApp Business now has over 50 million app users, and this number...
WhatsApp Messenger Rooms

Facebook Rolling Out WhatsApp Messenger Rooms In 2021

As part of its integration of Messenger Rooms with all of its apps, Facebook is starting to roll out WhatsApp Messenger Rooms. Since Facebook announced WhatsApp Messenger Rooms earlier this...
whatsapp Search The Web Feature To Fight Misinformation

WhatsApp Announces Search The Web Feature To Fight Misinformation In 2021

WhatsApp is piloting a way for users to double-check forwarded messages by uploading them through their browser – without WhatsApp seeing them. As part of its efforts to fight misinformation...
WhatsApp 100 Billion Messages

WhatsApp 100 Billion Messages A Day

WhatsApp 100 Billion Messages. The Facebook-owned instant messaging app, is now delivering 100 billion messages a day across the globe. Mark Zuckerberg shared the news during the company’s quarterly earnings...
WhatsApp Storage Management Tool

WhatsApp Storage Management Tool in 2021

WhatsApp storage management tool, allowing you to easily find and delete files that are clogging up your phone storage. WhatsApp has had a “Storage Usage” tool for some time, but...
WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature

WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature. Messages Disappear After 7 Days

UPDATE: WhatsApp disappearing messages feature announced on November 5, 2020. WhatsApp disappearing messages feature that users can turn on or off in their chats. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing a...

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