major Twitter accounts hacked

Dozens of major Twitter accounts hacked in massive Bitcoin scam in 2021

Major Twitter accounts hacked Update: Late Wednesday night, Twitter revealed what it knows about a hack that victimized dozens of high-ranking accounts on its service - and that's not...
verified on Twitter

Want to get verified on Twitter? There’s now a way to apply

How to get verified on Twitter? After years of controversy over the most famous status symbol on social media, Twitter is introducing a new process designed to streamline the...
Twitter Blue New Features

Twitter Blue New Features And Perks In 2021

Last week, Twitter launched its first-ever subscription offering, bringing access to exclusive features and perks. We’ve been hearing about Twitter Blue for some time, and now it’s here. Described as...
Twitter Tomorrow

Twitter Tomorrow, A New Local Weather News Service In 2021

Twitter is partnering with meteorologist and veteran climate journalist, Eric Holthaus, to launch “Tomorrow” – a local weather news service. Twitter Tomorrow: Twitter has always been the platform to find...

Would You Pay $3 Per Month So You Can Undo A Tweet? Twitter Thinks...

Social media must evolve or die. These days, reckless trolls pushing people into the digital space, rampant misinformation campaigns and the prevalence of bots have turned some platforms, such...
Twitter Spaces To Desktop

Twitter Spaces To Desktop And Mobile In 2021

Twitter is bringing its audio feature Twitter Spaces to desktop, a platform where Clubhouse does not even have a presence. Move over Clubhouse, Twitter is winning the social audio war. Clubhouse...
Misinformation Labels On Tweets

Twitter Is Testing New Misinformation Labels On Tweets In 2021

Twitter is testing a new labeling feature to try to stop the spread of misinformation on its platform. Misinformation Labels On Tweets: As one of the best platforms for newsgathering,...
Twitter verification

Twitter Verification Process Was Paused Again in 2021

Just days after relaunching its verification application process, Twitter is once again pausing it – this time due to the huge backlog. Last week, Twitter announced the relaunch of Twitter...

ISS crew: This gorgeous Earth image shot from the space station shows only water...

A space station astronaut has captured a striking photo of Earth showing only water. Posting the image on Twitter, European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet described the scene as “our...
Ticketed Spaces Feature

Twitter Is Preparing To Launch A New Ticketed Spaces Feature in 2021

In a bid to help creators monetize their Twitter Spaces, Twitter is preparing to launch a new Ticketed Spaces feature in the next few weeks. Just days after announcing that...

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