Twitter tipping feature

Twitter Tipping Feature For Creators In 2021

App researcher Jane Manchun has discovered a new “tipping button” that could let users tip Creators right from their profile. Jane Manchun has shared screenshots of a new way to...
Twitter voice messages

Twitter Voice Messages In DMs 2021

Twitter is testing a new feature that lets users record, and send, Twitter Voice Messages in their DMs. After introducing audio tweets last year, and Spaces more recently, Twitter is...
Twitter Super Follow

Twitter Super Follow Will Ask You To Pay To Follow Some Users In 2021

Twitter announced its first-ever paid product, called “Twitter Super Follow” which will let some creators ask users to pay to access their content. This is a feature that could change...
4K Images On Twitter

How To Post And View 4K Images On Twitter

Great news for people who want to Tweet high-res images! Twitter has announced that you can now post and view 4K images on Twitter for Android and iOS. In March,...

Fleets: Twitter Now Lets You Add Videos Or Images As Backgrounds To Your Fleets...

Twitter is looking to increase engagement on Fleets with a new feature that lets you add videos or images as backgrounds in your Fleets. Twitter is looking to increase engagement...
Twitter Professional Profiles

Twitter Professional Profiles in 2021

Twitter Professional Profiles are a new profile type to allow businesses to display more business information on their profile. After teasing Twitter Professional Profiles last month, Twitter is now officially...
Twitter Analytics Tools

How to Use 4 Twitter Analytics Tools to Improve Twitter Ad Performance

Do you use Twitter ads? Looking for tools to improve Twitter ad targeting? In this article, you’ll discover four tools to help you research and build better-targeted Twitter ad campaigns. How to...
Twitter Followers

The Real Reasons Why You Are Not Getting More Twitter Followers in 2021

Like many, you want to get more Twitter followers, but fail to gain the audience you were hoping for. You might just be doing it wrong. Maybe you have just...
Social Media Marketing For Businesses

The Guide to Social Media Marketing For Businesses in 2021

About 40% of the world’s population, or nearly 3 billion people, are active on social media networks in 2019. Marketing via these networks is naturally critical for any organization...
Twitter Ads

How to Build Valuable Tailored Audiences for Your Twitter Ads in 2021

Do you want to reach more receptive audiences with Twitter ads? Looking for tools to help turn Twitter lists into tailored audiences? In this article, you’ll discover two ways to find...

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