You Can Now Add LinkedIn Polls To Your Posts In 2021

LinkedIn members can now add LinkedIn polls to their posts and choose to ask the opinion of their connections, groups, or the whole network. LinkedIn Polls have finally arrived on...
LinkedIn Video Views

LinkedIn Introduces Retargeting By LinkedIn Video Views And Lead Gen Forms in 2021

LinkedIn has announced the ability for advertisers to target their audiences based on LinkedIn Video views and interactions with Lead Gen Forms. LinkedIn Video Views And Lead Gen Forms: “Targeting...
LinkedIn Virtual Event

LinkedIn Virtual Events For Pages In 2021

LinkedIn virtual events as a solution for Pages, at a time when in-person events remain on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Director of product management Ajay Datta described LinkedIn...
LinkedIn blocked fake accounts

LinkedIn Blocked Fake Accounts (7.8 Million) In The Second Half Of 2019

In its transparency report, LinkedIn blocked fake accounts (7.8 Million) before they were even created, 93% of which automatically. Despite the large number, LinkedIn reported that fake account registration attempts...
LinkedIn's #OpenToWork

LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork Profile Photo Frame in 2021

LinkedIn is introducing profile photo frames. LinkedIn's #OpenToWork, is available to job seekers willing to let their network know they are open to new opportunities. Since 2016, LinkedIn lets you...
LinkedIn Profile Targeting

You Can Now Use LinkedIn Profile Targeting On Microsoft Advertising in 2021

Advertisers can now use Microsoft Advertising to target users based on their professional profiles, with LinkedIn Profile targeting. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the addition of Dynamic Remarketing lists and...
new feature in LinkedIn

New Feature in LinkedIn Helps You Pronounce Members’ Names In 2021

New Feature in LinkedIn: LinkedIn has begun rolling out an audio-recording feature for profiles, enabling members to create a voice recording of the proper way to pronounce their names. Let’s...
LinkedIn Rolls Out Major Redesign

LinkedIn Rolls Out Major Redesign, Makes Stories Available To All 2021

LinkedIn rolls out major redesign in the last five years and giving all members access to LinkedIn Stories. Dark mode is coming soon. Now, LinkedIn rolls out major redesign, to...

LinkedIn has published a list of the 10 best jobs

LinkedIn has published a list of the 10 best jobs in 2020, based on the number of job openings available through its platform. LinkedIn’s Economic Graph maps over 706 million...

LinkedIn Video Cover Story Feature, Creator Mode, And More in 2021

LinkedIn video Cover Story feature, creator mode, and more to help members create more expressive and inclusive profiles. All professionals are very different, as they have different career paths, skills,...

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Featured snippets

Featured snippets: The 9 rules of optimization

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Search Results

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