Facebook Blood Donation

Facebook Blood Donations Feature Is Now Available in 37 Countries

To celebrate World Blood Donor Day (June 14) Facebook announced the Facebook Blood Donations feature is now available in 37 countries. Over 100 million people worldwide have signed up for...
Social Media

Social Media About Face: Facebook Won’t Remove Claims Covid Was Man-Made In 2021

A year ago there was persistent speculation that a new coronavirus had been created in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, and that Covid-19 had somehow broken free. Many of...
Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which Is Right for Your Business In 2021?

So you've chosen a business idea, you've created your website, and now you need to spread the word. Chances are, you're already considering advertising through the two behemoths of the...
Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming Brings New Monetization Features For Gaming Videos On-Demand In 2021

Facebook Gaming is rolling out new monetization features for creators who produce gaming videos on-demand. As the number of gaming VODs (videos on-demand) grow on Facebook Gaming, the social network...

A.I. doesn’t usually forget anything, but Facebook’s new system does. Here’s why

"Hello, HAL. Can you hear me, HAL?" - Astronaut Dave Bowman asked, trying desperately to contain his emotions. There was a pause, and then the computer responded in an unemotional...

Facebook Will Penalize Users Who Repeatedly Share Misinformation in 2021

As part of its effort to rid its platform of misinformation, Facebook is expanding its penalties for users that repeatedly share misinformation. In addition to bringing new ways to inform...
self-expression on Instagram

New Features For Self-Expression On Instagram And Messenger In 2021

Facebook is rolling out new features to allow more self-expression on Instagram and Messenger and help people feel together even when they’re apart. As we rely more and more on...
Sharing Post On Facebook

Read An Article Before Sharing Post On Facebook In 2021

New feature that encourages users to read an article before sharing post on Facebook. Can it be enough to fight misinformation on the platform? Sharing post on Facebook: A Facebook...
Facebook Data Breach

Facebook Data Breach: Did They Get Your Data in 2021?

The latest Facebook data breach concerned over 533 million users. We help you check if your personal data was compromised. Facebook Data Breach. It happened, again. Personal data from over...
Facebook Dynamic Ads for Streaming

Introducing Facebook Dynamic Ads For Streaming In 2021

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Streaming – a new ad solution that will help streaming brands highlight their content library. In an effort to help streaming brands showcase the right content...

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Take Their Love to Capri During Romantic Outing

After a recent vacation in the south of France, lovers Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck headed to Italy, and an eyewitness told E! News...
Zach King

Video creator Zach King breaks the record for having the most followers on TikTok...

TikTok star and well-known Internet personality Zach King (USA) has officially confirmed that he has the most followers on TikTok (men) thanks to his...
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Man running across the ocean in a hamster wheel washes up on shore

Across the ocean in a hamster wheel: Reza Baluchi tried to make a charity run from Miami to New York on a giant floating...