Facebook Data Breach

Facebook Data Breach: Did They Get Your Data in 2021?

The latest Facebook data breach concerned over 533 million users. We help you check if your personal data was compromised. Facebook Data Breach. It happened, again. Personal data from over...
Facebook Dynamic Ads for Streaming

Introducing Facebook Dynamic Ads For Streaming In 2021

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Streaming – a new ad solution that will help streaming brands highlight their content library. In an effort to help streaming brands showcase the right content...
Facebook QR Codes

Facebook QR Codes For Peer-To-Peer Payments In The US In 2021

In the US, Facebook QR codes Venmo-like testing to facilitate peer-to-peer payments using its app.  The new Facebook QR codes will allow a user to scan a friend’s code using...

Facebook revenue almost doubled: Here’s what it means for advertisers in 2021

In addition to a decrease in overall metrics, some marketers reported a decline in the performance of lookalike audiences. Earnings reports released on Wednesday show that Facebook nearly doubled its...
Spotify Miniplayer

Facebook Introduces Spotify Miniplayer Within Its App In 2021

Facebook is launching a new Spotify miniplayer that lets you listen to full-length songs and podcasts within its app.  If you love sharing your favorite Spotify tunes or podcast episodes...

New GPT-3 solutions can help speed up PPC ad and landing page copy creation

AI-generated copy isn't perfect, but these tools can churn out ideas and inspiration in a matter of seconds. Artificial intelligence-written articles and copy have been around for several years now,...
Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest Platform Now Supports Premium Content Subscriptions in 2021

As VR content expands beyond gaming, Facebook is bringing support for subscriptions on the Oculus Quest platform. The ecosystem of games, apps and VR experiences on the Oculus Quest platform...
Facebook And Gucci

Facebook And Gucci File Joint Lawsuit Against Product Counterfeiter In 2021

Facebook and Gucci have announced a joint lawsuit against an international counterfeiting business. As part of its effort to stamp out abuse of its Terms, Facebook is taking further action...

COVID helped drive record ad revenue for big tech in Q3

Facebook, Google and Amazon all reported significant revenue growth during, and partly because of, the pandemic. Multiple tech companies announced quarterly earnings on the same day last week, including Apple,...
Mark Zuckerberg

It Cost Facebook $23 Million To Keep CEO Mark Zuckerberg Safe In 2020

Facebook has spent more than $23 million to guarantee Mark Zuckerberg’s security in 2020, as revealed by a SEC filing this week. “Negative sentiment regarding our company is often transferred...

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