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Social Media Platform (SMP): Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp are the most popular social networks worldwide, each with more than two billion active users.

self-expression on Instagram

New Features For Self-Expression On Instagram And Messenger In 2021

Facebook is rolling out new features to allow more self-expression on Instagram and Messenger and help people feel together even when they’re apart. As we rely more and more on...
Sharing Post On Facebook

Read An Article Before Sharing Post On Facebook In 2021

New feature that encourages users to read an article before sharing post on Facebook. Can it be enough to fight misinformation on the platform? Sharing post on Facebook: A Facebook...
New TikTok developer kits

New TikTok Developer Kits Enable Sound Sharing And Log In With TikTok In 2021

New TikTok developer kits that enable sound and music sharing and the integration of TikTok login in other apps. New TikTok Developer Kits: In an effort to grow its developer...

Advertisers signal glimmers of optimism, start spending again in 2021

Despite numerous unknowns and continued challenges, many agencies and advertisers say they have shifted gears for the next phase. Here we are at the beginning of May. Many businesses still can’t...
Facebook Data Breach

Facebook Data Breach: Did They Get Your Data in 2021?

The latest Facebook data breach concerned over 533 million users. We help you check if your personal data was compromised. Facebook Data Breach. It happened, again. Personal data from over...
WhatsApp Photos And Videos

WhatsApp Photos And Videos In Chats Will No Longer Be Cropped In 2021

WhatsApp photos and videos will now be shown in full in message threads thanks to a small but useful update to the WhatsApp app. WhatsApp Photos And Videos In Chats:...
Twitter Will Stop Cropping Images On Your Timeline

Twitter Will Stop Cropping Images On Your Timeline On Your Timeline In 2021

After announcing 4K image uploads last month, Twitter is now Twitter has announced that Twitter will stop cropping images on your timeline. Just days after WhatsApp stopped cropping images and...
Facebook Dynamic Ads for Streaming

Introducing Facebook Dynamic Ads For Streaming In 2021

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Streaming – a new ad solution that will help streaming brands highlight their content library. In an effort to help streaming brands showcase the right content...
Shoppable Pins

Pinterest brings Shoppable Pins to visual searches for fashion, home products in 2021

The visual search technology that powers Pinterest's Lens camera searches can now identify more than 2.5 billion objects within the fashion and home industry. Pinterest announced Shoppable Pins on Tuesday...
Instagram removing accounts that send abusive DMs

Instagram Removing Accounts That Send Abusive DMs In 2021

Instagram has announced new measures against bad behavior on its platform, including Instagram removing accounts that send abusive DMs. Instagram removing accounts that send abusive DMs: As part of its...

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