Reddit is looking to provide more insight into key content trends that it’s seeing on its platform via a new,  20-page ‘Reddit Radar’ report, which incorporates data from the app’s 100k+ communities, and highlights key shifts in interest that may be worth more attention.

As explained by Reddit:

“Reddit is a cultural radar, and Reddit Radar is your navigation through it all. We do the hard work of uncovering trends in conversations throughout Reddit communities to detect the early signals of larger shifts in culture. In Reddit Radar, we’re sharing strategic ways for your brand to tap into what’s trending on Reddit and the world at large.”

The approach is similar to Facebook’s regular IQ insights reports on trending topics, which take into account a range of signals to determine the topics that are not only on the rise, but also look set to gain more traction moving forward, due to discussion spread, diversity of voices, etc.

In the first edition of its trends report, Reddit identifies four key pandemic-inspired trends that it predicts will become more embedded cultural shifts:

  • Mental Management – Two-thirds of Americans say that they developed at least one healthy habit during the pandemic they plan to continue, and Reddit’s overview looks specifically at the rising discussion around meditation and hobbies, like knitting, that people have taken up as a form of stress relief.
  • The Romanticized Life – The WFH shift has prompted many to reconsider their lifestyle, and how they want to live, which has lead to rising interest in things like gardening and ‘nomadism’, with more freedom to travel while they work.

Reddit Shares Rising Trend Insights in New 'Reddit Radar' Report

  • Revitalized Residences – Similar to the previous trend, more time spent in the home has also lead to more people re-assessing their home set-up, and considering how they can improve their living conditions, with communities like r/carpentry and r/homeimprovement gaining traction amongst DIY enthusiasts.
  • Cognizant Consumption – And finally, people are also increasingly aware of their environmental impact, with key trends relating to more thoughtful consumption and transport options

Each trend overview includes insights into the related discussion rises that Reddit’s seeing:

Reddit Shares Rising Trend Insights in New 'Reddit Radar' Report

As well as brand considerations:

Reddit Shares Rising Trend Insights in New 'Reddit Radar' Report

And a listing of the key subreddits of note for the discussion:

Reddit Shares Rising Trend Insights in New 'Reddit Radar' Report

There are some valuable pointers here, and even you don’t use Reddit, and don’t see any benefit for your brand in Reddit marketing, the data is likely indicative of broader trends that may relate to your brand and/or offerings, and could help to provide more guidance in your strategic thinking,

While Reddit may not see the same levels of usage as some of the other major networks (now seeing 52 million daily active users), the platform is highly influential, and with more people coming to the platform for information and updates over time, it can be a valuable source of insight and thoughtful discussion on a broad range of topics.

But again, even if you don’t use Reddit, the report could be of value, and that could lead you to communities and discussions that you didn’t know existed to help in your audience research efforts.

You can download Reddit’s first ‘Reddit Radar’ report here.



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