Pronouns On Instagram Profile

Pronouns On Instagram Profile: Instagram is now letting users add up to four pronouns by which they wish to be known on their profiles, which can be displayed publicly or only to their followers.

All users under 18 will have the pronouns on Instagram profile turned on by default.

To set your pronouns, simply tap “edit profile” from your Instagram profile, then tap on “pronouns.” There you can add up to four pronouns by tapping in the ones you would like and then accepting the options provided by Instagram. If a pronoun of your choice is not yet available, Instagram says you can fill out a form to have it added to the list of available pronouns. Instagram did not specify why it does not let users just type in their own pronouns, my guess is that it is some kind of safe filter to avoid users missing the feature for online bullying or else.

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Instagram also did not provide details as to where the feature is available, only adding that it is already active in a “few countries.” My personal account has the feature active, suggesting it is live in the US.

Instagram is not the first platform to allow users to add pronouns to their profiles. Online dating apps, like OKCupid , already have the feature, as well as other more surprising apps like Lyft. Facebook has allowed users to define their pronouns since 2014 but only with “he/him, she/her, and they/them.”


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