Pinterest is looking to help users maximize the promotional value of their Idea Pins, with a new option that will enable direct sharing to Instagram and Facebook Stories, complete with a Pinterest watermark.

As highlighted in this tweet from @whimchic, the new process will enable users to re-share their Idea Pins via the ‘Send’ option, with both Facebook and Instagram Stories listed as distribution channels.

Which could be a good way to maximize your Pin Stories – I mean, Idea Pins – by sharing them to a potentially much broader audience in Facebook’s apps.

That could be a big boost for eCommerce brands looking to raise awareness, with direct connection to their Pin presence. Of course, you can also open a Facebook or Instagram Shop to facilitate conversions, but if Pinterest is more your thing, and Idea Pins are a functional way for you to create compelling content, it could help in your process.

And Idea Pins do have some handy functions, like the easy to access ‘Ghost Mode’ to help frame each shot, and the recently updated stock music tool, which now sees any track you select continuously play through all your Idea Pin frames, without you having to manually edit it in each time.

Facilitating inter-connection between Stories tools can also help boost the value of your efforts, essentially through re-posting – though it is also worth creating unique content for each platform, where possible, as simply re-sharing the same content on each can get repetitive, and can fail to capitalize on the individual strengths of each network and function.

Which is why the Pinterest watermark is important here – the marker communicates that there’s more to this story on Pinterest, helping to lead people back to your Pins, as opposed to leaving it as a standalone replica of your Idea Pin content.

Pinterest has confirmed to SMT that the new sharing option is in testing, but it’s not available to everyone just yet.



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