Paper Moose & Riverina Dairy Co.: Ads that make you go “wow”

How do you make food advertising exciting now that food porn is a cliché?

This is how.

And it’s one of four wonderfully off-the-wall spots by indie agency, Paper Moose, for Riverina Dairy Co.’s new range of flavour-infused cheeses. The premise is wonderful, the idea of going inside people’s heads is wonderful, the execution of that idea is wonderful.

Each spot was filmed entirely in-camera, using miniatures of varying scales coupled with rich sound design to take the viewer’s imagination into intrepid scenarios.

Jeremy Willmott, creative director, Paper Moose, commented, “What better way to showcase Riverina’s daring range of flavoured cheeses than a daring miniature adventure set atop your dinner. Who says you can’t play with your food?”

Karen Prebble, head of marketing, Riverina Dairy Co., added, “We needed an agency partner that understood the importance of standing out from the crowded dairy aisle while growing our category at the same time. Paper Moose was the perfect fit to bring our fresh-thinking new fetta and haloumi range to life.”

The campaign is running Australia-wide across online, social, print and retail.

Paper Moose & Riverina Dairy Co.: Ads that make you go “wow”


Client: Riverina Dairy Co.
Head of Marketing: Karen Prebble

Agency: Paper Moose
Executive Creative Director: Nick Hunter 
Creative Director: Jeremy Willmott
Art Director: Katie McIntyre
Copywriter: Pete Saladino
Design Lead: Georgia Shillington 
Designer: Evelyn Tran
Account Director: Steph Grant
Account Manager: Madeleine Huxely

Production: Paper Moose
Head of Production & Producer: Maren Smith 
Production Coordinator: Isabella Torv 
Director: Josh Logue
Photographer: Christian Mushenko
Food Stylist: Nicola Sinclair
Director of Photography: Simon Higgins 

Production Designer: Chantel Covey
Model Makers: Yippee Ki-Yay!
Editor: Oliver Trauth-Goik
Retoucher & Colourist: Suriya Black
Senior Sound Designer: Joe Mount
Sound Design & Mix: Electric Sheep Music

Media: This is Flow



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