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Netflix has announced a new spin-off to On My Block which is coming to an end on October 4th, 2021. We’ve got all the details released by Netflix on the new series plus some additional insights into the characters that will feature in Freeridge

On My Block has been one of the shining examples of Netflix’s comedy lineup in recent years. The show first debuted on Netflix back in March 2018 and is now headed into its fourth and final season on Netflix.

But ahead of the final season, Netflix has announced that while the flagship series is coming to an end, we will be returning to the fictional LA town of Freeridge again with the new spin-off.


'On My Block' Spin-off 'Freeridge': Everything We Know So Far

On My Block – Picture; Netflix

Who’s involved in Freeridge?

The entire team is coming back to produce the new On My Block spin-off.

Serving as executive producers and co-creators are Lauren Lungerich (who signed a coveted overall deal with Netflix last year) and Jamie Dooner. Both of whom are currently hard at work on their next Netlfix project Boo, Bitch headlined by Lana Condor.

The core showrunning team (who also have co-creator and executive producer credits) are Jamie Uyeshiro, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft.

The three put out a statement alongside the announcement from Netflix saying:

“Some of the greatest comments we’ve heard about ON MY BLOCK were from fans telling us that they felt seen and represented. As we embark on FREERIDGE, a more female driven show, we will continue to invest in authentic characters that represent our passionate audience… Oh, and there may be gnomies.”


'On My Block' Spin-off 'Freeridge': Everything We Know So Far

Showrunners for On My Block spin-off Freeridge

Eddie on Twitter thanked the fans of On My Block for getting them a spin-off saying:

“This doesn’t happen without the support of our amazing On My Block fans. We love you!!! And thank you Netflix for continuing to give us a platform to tell our stories!!!”

What characters will feature in Freeridge on Netflix?

As part of Netflix’s announcement, they announced that four new cast members will headline the new spin-off.

Although their names may have changed, here are the four main characters we’re expecting to see featured in Freeridge.

  • Cameron will be the lead of the new series who is a BIPOC who hasn’t dated any girls because he’s petrified of them. He does, however, date many boys. He’s been raised by his co-dependent divorced parents who still talk.
  • Demi is described as an Asian regular character who is described as a second-generation Asian-American who is an optimist and a social worker. Demi is a hard-core romantic but can’t find anyone to match her levels of energy.
  • Gloria is a Latino/Hispanic character who is described as the “secret glue of the crew” and a highly driven individual.
  • Ines is also a member of the Latino / Hispanic community and is Gloria’s little sister but super smart given that she got to skip a grade at school.

On October 8th, Netflix announced the four main cast members (unclear how they match up to those above – we’ll update once we know!)

  • Bryana Salaz (as seen in Netflix’s Malibu Rescue and Team Kaylie)
  • Keyla Monterroso Mejia (as seen in Launchpad and The 90 Day Plan)
  • Ciara Riley Wilson (as seen in L.A.’s Finest and Kim Possible)
  • Shiv Pai (as seen in Uncut Gems & Iron Fist)


'On My Block' Spin-off 'Freeridge': Everything We Know So Far

Cast for Netflix’s Freeridge

It’s unclear whether any of the original cast will appear in any kind of cameos.

When will Freeridge be in production?

This is where things get complicated, as it’s a planted spin-off we believe some of the filming has already occurred given that we could expect a spin-off pilot to occur in season 4 of On My Block. The fact we have a first look confirms this. We are expecting a back door pilot for Freeridge in On My Block season 4.

All American: Homecoming received a planted spin-off in season 3 of the series which has now been greenlit into a full-fledged series. How exactly this will play out for On My Block is unclear.

Otherwise, we’re told more filming is scheduled to commence in Los Angeles later in the Fall.

You can queue up the series to your Netflix list right now so you get notified of when the series releases using this link.

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