Normani and Cardi B Strip Naked

Normani and Cardi B Strip Naked: Normani collaborates with Cardi B. in a sweat-inducing music video for “Wild Side,” which is the Fifth Harmony alum’s first solo single since 2019.

The music video for Normani’s first single since 2019 leaves no room for imagination.

The 25-year-old “Fifth Harmony” alum has teamed up with Cardi B., and the two stars appear naked in the music video for the song “Wild Side,” which was released Friday, July 16. The two have long been close, as Normani starred in the music video for Cardi’s popular hit “WAP.”

Cardi appears in the second half of the song, and she makes the most of her screen time. Of course, both she and Normani appear completely naked over a gorgeous pool before water pours over them from above.

Other highlights include the “Dancing With a Stranger” vocalist showing off some impressive dance moves from the roof and then donning a leopard-print outfit in a helicopter, while several shirtless men do their best to join her inside the vehicle. Who can blame them?

During the chorus, Normani, who has yet to share details about the upcoming album, sings: “We can’t just keep talking about it/We think about it too much/We can’t just be careful with it/I want to get wild.”

Prior to the release of the music video, Normani posted footage to her Instagram Story showing Cardi B cheering her followers on the release.

“I feel like this is Normani’s big comeback, and I want you guys to treat it like it’s her birthday,” Cardi shared. “It’s literally her birthday, and this song, this whole thing, it’s so amazing, and I’m just literally so proud of her. I’m just like a cheerleader!”

The 28-year-old “Up” rapper continued: “I’m so excited. You guys are going to see Normani in a different light. Oh my God, I’m thrilled. It’s amazing.”

Normani and Cardi B Strip Naked

Normani, who hasn’t released singles as a solo artist since her 2019 album, “Motivation,” was clearly enjoying the moment, too. Right after the music video premiered, she shared photos of herself and Cardi from the set on Instagram, adding the caption, “I’m crying.”

The memorable “Wild Side” video from director Tanu Muino can be seen above.

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