Netflix sends a hug to the world

If loving a brand makes you want to use its products again and again, Netflix has nailed the brief.

On Friday, Netflix posted a very simple message on LinkedIn (and on a billboard in Los Angeles)

If that’s not the message you need right now after two years of turmoil and probably more to come for a while, lucky you. For the rest of us, thank you Netflix.

Here’s where the DVD rental service is now:

(From The CEO Magazine, January 2021) In announcing its fourth quarter 2020 results, Netflix said its revenue had risen 24 per cent in the fourth quarter to US$6.6 billion, resulting in a profit of US$542 million, and an annual revenue of US$25 billion. Co-founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997, the company projected it would no longer need to borrow funds to finance its slate of streaming TV shows and movies. This resulted in the company’s shares increasing 12.4 per cent in after-hours trading.

(From the BBC, January 2021) The company now has more than 200 million paid members, up more than 30% from 2019. About 37 million people subscribed last year, including 8.5 million in the last three months alone.



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