Must create: Publicis ECD, Titipun Tubthong, and a lockdown NFT art project called Thaighost

In pre-covid times, Titipun Tubthong (aka ‘Taitern’) spent two hours in Bangkok’s notorious traffic commuting to work every day. He is executive creative director at Brilliant & Million, the digital arm of Publicis Groupe Thailand. Covid’s lockdown ended his daily commute. He had extra time on his hands, which he decided to use well. 

Taitern turned his passion for art, maths and science into a sell-out NFT art project called THAIGHOST. Taitern told The Stable how the project came about.

Bangkok is still in lockdown. What’s been the hardest thing about lockdown for you? How did you cope? 

Taitern:  For me it’s hard in every way. I’ve had to change my life routine, the way I communicate with my team, how I train my team, the way we present our work and communicate with clients while finding ways of delivering ideas to match with the ‘new normal’ behaviour – while also finding a way to handle my family time. I may not call what I do “coping” but I have optimised everything around working and living with this new-normal way. 

When did you start making digital artworks and why?

Taitern: During the work-from-home mode, I decided to be optimistic and turn a negative into an opportunity.  I found that I had an extra two hours each day, which I used to spend on Bangkok roads – known as one of the top crazy cities for traffic in the world – on my way to work every day. I committed to making use of those two hours by learning new digital knowledge, hopefully to use in the future. I learned everything I could about blockchain and built up my digital drawing skills. Later, I moved on to NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) and saw my potential art skills matching with my background in digital marketing communications. Again, I decided to use my extra two hours every day to create art pieces to sell as NFTs.

Can you describe your style?

Taitern: My theme is THAIGHOST, but actually, I create not only ghosts but everything that’s related to a unique cultural concept – Thai’s superstitious beliefs, amulets and talisman that have been long rooted in Thai culture. I focus on my main job for most of the day, so my painting style is quick. I know that each day I have only thirty minutes to one hour to do this hobby. So, I decided to use a quick sketching and painting style to create my NFT artworks, keeping them consistent as well as disciplined.

Your artwork explores Thai culture: ghouls, ghosts and talismans. Why are you drawn to these themes?

Taitern: They’ve been my passion and interest since I was young. I do love Thai ancient history and the beliefs of ancient people. I’m not ever scared of ghosts but I am interested in this culture. So, I have many stories and sources in my head to unleash on the digital canvas

What have you learned about blockchain and the NFT market?

Taitern: Blockchain is extremely interesting to me. It will change the world again, in my opinion. I love the idea that its transparency can support the next generation of this world: the world’s citizens; the boundless life.
As for the NFT market, since it’s developed on the blockchain, I do believe it will be stable because of its transparency and the growth of community. By the way, all of this has just started; there might be many things to work out but it’s got so far to go.

Have you sold any artworks?

Taitern: All assets (about 100+ pieces) of THAIGHOST have 100% SOLD OUT. If you go to my collection in my NFT market, there is only one piece that is still for sale. Its name is YANTRA no.9. This one is my special piece because I uploaded 99 of them with the same look instead of creating just one in the world. I raffle these items or give them away as free random gifts for my ghost art collectors. Although Yantra no.9 has 99 pieces, now it has only 40 pieces left.

What has been the best thing about launching the THAIGHOST collection?

Taitern: The experience of joining a great worldwide community. THAIGHOST is more than personal art to me right now. It is family, friendships, opportunity, and an embassy of Thai culture. THAIGHOST has been asked to collaborate with many worldwide artists. I have worked with American, Malaysian, French, English, Canadian and also Thai artists already.

What is your dream for the future?

Taitern: You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one.

I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will be as one.

Explore the THAIGHOST collection here.

Must create: Publicis ECD, Titipun Tubthong, and a lockdown NFT art project called Thaighost



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