Could Mother’s Dubai Presents trailers get any better? (Actually, that depends on whether there is a sixth to come.) The series of very classy, intensely entertaining, high-action thrillers continue to also show off what Dubai has to offer as a tourist destination. Jessica Alba and Zac Efron continue to be drawcards and continue to enhance the series’ perfectly finessed scripts and world-class production values.

Watch the other four trailers:

A Five Star Mission (spy action)

A Romance to Remember (rom-com)

A Brand New You (buddy comedy)

A Captivating Saga (period drama)


Client: Dubai Tourism
Creative: Mother
Strategy: Mother

Production Company: MJZ
Director: Craig Gillespie
DOP: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Producer: Martha Davis

Overseas Production Company: Stoked

Mother & Dubai Presents: The “ad” you want to watch again… and again

Edit House: Exile
Editors: Shane Reid, Nick Gilberg, Will Butler & Brendan Jenkins @ TenThree
Post House: Electric Theatre Collective
Post Producer: Jon Purton
Production Coordinator:Emma  Hughes
VFX Supervisor: Ryan Knowles
VFX Leads: Sarah Crux, Ally Burnett, Ruben Llusia & Hani AlYousif
VFX Artists: Alberto Pizzocchero, Daniel Brewster, Adam Woolrich, Ludvig Hallenius, Christian Block, Doruk Saglam, Kia Coates Stirling Archibald , Thiago Vilas Boas, Heather Costa, Will Medcalf, Tane Welham, Chris Fraser, Kieran Jordan,  Oscar Tornincasa, Julie Cruette, Luke Butler, Dave Birkill, Gareth Williams & Adam Darrah
Sound: 750mph
Sound Engineers: Sam Ashwell (lead), Jeff Smith, Tom Joyce, Mike Bovil & Jake Ashwell
Music Company: duotone audio group
Creative Director & Founder: Peter Nashel
Composer: Peter Nashel
Executive Music Producer: Ross Hopman
Senior Music Producer: Giovonni Lobato

Mother & Dubai Presents: The “ad” you want to watch again… and again



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