LinkedIn's #OpenToWork

LinkedIn is introducing profile photo frames. LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork, is available to job seekers willing to let their network know they are open to new opportunities.

Since 2016, LinkedIn lets you privately signal to recruiters you’re open to new job opportunities. Now, with its first-ever available profile photo frame.

If you choose to let the LinkedIn community know you are open to new work opportunities, you will now get access to the LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork photo frame.

LinkedIn Introduces #OpenToWork Profile Photo Frame

LinkedIn: You can now add a photo frame to show everyone you are open to new work opportunities

LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork: The photo frame is only accessible if you choose to let everyone know about your jobs preference. It will not be available if you prefer to stay private about your intentions, for obvious reasons.

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If you decide not to get the photo frame by August 31, LinkedIn will automatically revert to showing your job preferences to recruiters only instead of all LinkedIn members.

You can now add a photo frame on #LinkedIn to show everyone you are open to new work opportunities

Get the LinkedIn’s #OpenToWork photo frame now, by clicking on “Me” > Settings & Privacy > Job seeking preferences.

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Now let’s also be honest, it makes you look like a Starbucks employee. Right?

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