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Lamps Plus announced its TikTok campaign on June 23 with 26 creators, garnering millions of views and high viewer engagement, according to a press release.
Each of the creators introduced the Color Plus lamp in a video unique in its style and regular content, covering areas of interest such as comedy, dance, parenting tips and home improvement tips. In one video, a California hot dog restaurant owner roller-skated around his lamp, which served as a hat holder. According to the ad, there were no requirements for the use of the lamp, dialogue or music if the product appeared in the authors’ videos.
Highlighting authors popular among women over 35, the Lamps Plus campaign demonstrates how the platform favored by Generation Z is becoming increasingly popular with brands that appeal to older consumers interested in home decor.

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While TikTok remains a favorite platform of the younger generation, its popularity among older audiences is growing as more people create and share videos about parenting, family life and home improvement tips. According to the Pew Research Center, thirty percent of people aged 30-64 go on TikTok, indicating a growing audience for brands looking to attract older consumers to mobile platforms.

“TikTok is not just for dancing teens. It’s growing rapidly among viewers and creators 30-plus years old and older,” said Angela Hsu, senior vice president of marketing and e-commerce for Lamps Plus. “We love that each creator showcased their individual creative ideas and personalities.”

Choosing creators who resonate with an audience of women over 35 – a key demographic for Lamps Plus – shows how TikTok can be used by brands to attract consumers interested in creative topics, such as interior design, that don’t always resonate with the Gen Z age group that dominates the platform’s user base.

TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2020, according to App Annie, and continues to be a popular platform for marketers looking to engage consumers with entertaining videos, creators or user-generated content to share. Nearly half of TikTok users (47%) say they purchased a product based on a recommendation from a TikTok creator, according to the Harris Poll. This suggests why Lamps Plus and other brands are increasingly adding TikTok to their marketing mix.

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“TikTok is a different approach for home furnishings brands like ours because beautiful interior images don’t work on TikTok the same way they do on Instagram. A TikTok video should immediately grab the viewer’s attention, offer an entertaining or informative story or conclusion and a satisfying conclusion to capture and hold the viewer’s attention throughout the video,” Hsu said in the announcement. “We reminded creators in our campaign that TikTok’s motto is ‘Don’t do advertising, do TikTok.’ The right approach to TikTok for brands is to give creators some creative freedom.”

This TikTok campaign is not ‘Lamps Plus’ first foray into mobile-focused platforms. Last summer, the brand sponsored three Twitch broadcasts of a popular cooking show streamer, showcasing its lighting fixtures in the streamer’s kitchen. The move was a departure from traditional marketing, as Lamps Plus sought to appeal to an audience more likely to consume digital media.

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