Khloe Kardashian vs Addison Rae

They didn’t wake up looking like that!

In a hilarious, never-before-seen bonus clip of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian vs Addison Rae in an IPSY make-up contest… Or “make-off,” as Khloe calls it.

Khloe battled the Good American founder in an interesting competition: Who can best apply makeup using only plastic toy “tiny hands”?

First made famous by Kristen Wiig’s character Doonis on Saturday Night Live, the thin baby hands proved challenging for Addison and Chloe. First, the duo play a fun round of “slides,” and then begin a competition in matching pink jumpsuits. Then Addison clumsily tries to apply bronzer, and Chloe ruins her “smoky eyes” look by adding bright red lips out of order.

“I can’t even pick it up!” exclaims Addison, then jokes that Chloe “looks like a clown.”

Even Tristan Thompson stopped by to watch the two women argue about makeup.

Addison previously admitted to E! News that she was “so pleased” to meet the Kardashian-Jenner family during the shoot.

“They’re all such loving people who genuinely care about each other,” the entrepreneur told ITEM clean beauty. “It inspires me all the time. They all have such an amazing bond, which I’ve always appreciated in my family, so it makes me love them even more as people, because not everyone gets to see every second.”

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