Vienna Tourist Board has gone where no other tourism agency would dare to. It’s advertising on OnlyFans. The campaign comes from Jung von Matt/Donau.

Jung von Matt/Donau and Vienna Tourist Board are seducing tourists with the city’s world-famous sexually explicit artworks. They are subject to censorship on other social networking platforms. OnlyFans is more than happy to welcome risqué content. It’s not an unhappy compromise for Vienna tourism. More than 170 million people use OnlyFans (September 2021), 500,000 new users join OnlyFans every day and there are more than 1.2 million content creators on the platform.

Subscribers to Vienna Tourist Board’s OnlyFans page will receive either a Vienna City Card or an admission ticket to one of the featured museums where the artworks can be seen. The Vienna OnlyFans channel is being promoted in turn on Twitter and Instagram where visitors can find teasers that give a taste of what to expect on their OnlyFans page.

That includes include work by Egon Schiele, Valie Export, Amedeo Modigliani, Peter Paul Rubens and the nude Venus of Willendorf in the Natural History Museum of Vienna.

Being provocative is not at all easy in advertising. Usually, ads are pulled because everyday people have complained about them. This campaign has had to deal with the conservative attitudes of platforms. Twitter refused to approve a link to the Vienna Tourist Board because it contained a cross-link to OnlyFans. The approval process for the application took a total of two weeks. This ended with Twitter rejecting all subjects due to the OnlyFans reference on the landing page. Facebook and Instagram allowed the application with the Venus of Willendorf and a Modigliani painting, after the art background could be explained to the service team of the channels. The Schiele subject and the Rubens subject were rejected on the grounds of “excessive nudity” and “adult entertainment”.

Finally, the campaign only exists because reversed its August decision to ban pornographic content from its site from October 1 due to pressure from banks and payment companies, after users complained.

“In social media, algorithms determine how much nudity may be shown and often censor world-famous works of art,” Vienna Tourist Board director, Norbert Kettner, commented in a statement. “We question how much nudity we can tolerate and who can determine what we find offensive. In the cultural metropolis of Vienna, the question can be answered: nude art is socio-political and artistic part of cultural history.”


Client: Vienna Tourist Board

Agency: Jung von Matt/Donau
Creative Director: Michael Morgenbesser
Art Director: Denise Danninger
Design Digital: Julian Frener
Photographer Outdoor Statues: David Payr

Jung von Matt/Donau: Vienna Tourist Board seduces travellers on OnlyFans



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