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Joint Swedish: The cruise ship’s first call to Sweden this year was on June 15.

Passengers were allowed to leave the ship to visit Gothenburg, Visby and Stockholm.

The cooperation of ports and regulators made this cautious restart possible, a positive signal for both international cruise lines and the Swedish tourism industry, the Copenhagen-Malmo Port Authority (CMP) said.

Throughout the pandemic crisis, the ports of Stockholm, Visby and Gothenburg worked together to develop common policies and practices to allow shipping companies to safely resume operations.

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“By working with the relevant regulators to create joint protocols, unambiguous codes of conduct and practices for cruise ship calls, the shipping companies had a common policy to adhere to, which facilitated the resumption of important cruise tourism,” explained Joakim Larsson, Stockholm City Planning Commissioner in charge of Stockholm Ports.

Cruise ship operators also took responsibility for establishing transparent and comprehensive call rules during the COVID-19 pandemic, which also accelerated discussions with ports and regulators.

“The fact that our Swedish ports worked together from the beginning to develop plans for managing ship arrivals and passengers was a success from which we are now reaping the benefits.”

“When we talked to the shipping companies in Gothenburg, they believe we have done well by continuously adapting our planning and having a transparent dialogue to inform them about the procedures that apply. We also believe that the Swedish agencies have been very accessible and responsive in supporting us,” added Martin Meriwall, head of cruise operations at the Port of Gothenburg.

The cruise ship’s first call was a so-called “bubble cruise,” where passengers stayed in their own “bubble,” traveling in specially chartered buses and having their own set time to visit museums so as not to mix with the local population.

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All passengers were screened at COVID-19, and there were significantly fewer passengers on board than on a normal cruise. Strict rules of conduct were also in effect on the ship.

“Working together with the ports of Stockholm and Gothenburg to facilitate the safe resumption of cruise travel in consultation with the border police, the relevant county medical officer, the Swedish Public Health Agency and the shipping companies has been educational and inspiring. We now have a very good solution, and we are very happy to welcome the first disembarking cruise passengers to Sweden,” said Henrik Alqvist, CMP’s cruise sales director.

In the Stockholm region alone, the cruise industry contributes 176 million euros to the economy and also creates 1,100 jobs, a large part of the rapidly growing tourism industry.

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