Intel Alder Lake

Intel Alder Lake: Microsoft may use Intel’s 12th-generation processor platform, also known as Intel Alder Lake, to launch the next version of Windows this fall. While 12th-generation Intel Alder Lake desktop processors were previously expected to arrive in November, according to the latest rumors, Intel may move the launch of Alder Lake for desktops to October to coincide with the debut of Microsoft’s next version of the Windows operating system.

“The next version of Windows comes with massive graphics updates, and it looks like it will be out around the time Intel Alder Lake K launches,” Moore’s Law is Dead, which has a YouTube channel of the same name, tweeted. “It’s not a coincidence, people… And yes – Microsoft will unveil ‘Windows 11’ (or whatever they’re going to call it) on June 24. It’s the new Windows.”

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Intel unveiled the Alder Lake earlier this year at CES, noting that the new silicon will have a hybrid design. Unlike previous desktop processors, Alder Lake will use a heterogeneous mix of cores, combining high-performance and high-performance cores. If the launch dates for the new product are accurate, Hot Hardware says Microsoft and Intel likely worked closely together to optimize the new Windows release for the 12th-generation platform. Early leaks suggest that Alder Lake will deliver a 20 percent performance boost over previous models in single-threaded mode. Performance gains are as high as 100 percent for multi-threaded performance.

In addition to the new hybrid architecture, Alder Lake will also support DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0.

As for the next Windows release, Microsoft has sent out a teaser that it will unveil its new release on June 24. The software giant, based in Redmond, Washington, did not specify whether the release will be a continuation of Windows 10 or whether it will switch to a new numbering scheme and call it Windows 11 — or perhaps something else.

Although Microsoft will announce and preview what will be in the next Windows release, the operating system may not become commercially available until the fall, so that timing pairs well with rumors of an earlier-than-expected launch of Alder Lake. Some expect that this new iteration of Windows will bring a long-awaited visual upgrade to Sun Valley, and if so, Alder Lake will be one of the first new processors to benefit from all the changes happening in Microsoft’s operating system.

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