It’s been a long time coming, but finally, Instagram has announced that it’s adding image and video posting functionality from the desktop version of the platform as of October 21st, providing a more centralized way for social media managers to maintain their IG presence.

Instagram Will Enable Users to Upload Photos and Videos via Desktop from This Week

The process, which will facilitate the posting of photos and videos of less than one minute in length, will not include Stories or Reels uploads at this stage. But it will make it a little bit easier for social media managers to stay across their various apps and posts, by providing a way to upload content for each platform from the one place – so you won’t have to keep saving images in varying ways to then upload from your phone, etc.

Instagram’s been testing desktop posting for some time, with an initial public test of desktop uploads launched in June.

Instagram Will Enable Users to Upload Photos and Videos via Desktop from This Week

As such, selected users have had access to the option for a few months, but now, all users, globally, will be given access, adding another consideration to your process.

Of course, as various SMT community members have pointed out in response to our past reporting on this feature, you can actually upload Instagram posts from desktop already, by using the device selector in Inspector mode on the website. If you switch to a mobile view of the website, you are able to actually utilize mobile functions on desktop, so there have been ways to do this for some time.

But this will improve the process, making it a more integrated, official system, which, again, could be a big boost for social media managers who are looking to streamline their workflow, and more easily publish edited graphics and visuals made within other apps.

Instagram’s been building out its expanded desktop functionality over time. Last year, it added the capacity to view live-streams from the desktop version of the app, while it’s also improved the Stories viewing experience on PC.

Providing more ways into the Instagram experience will enable more people to use the platform, aside from the benefits for social media managers – but I’m guessing that the bulk of the requests for this update, specifically, have come from social media pros looking to improve their process.

Which they now can. The updated upload options will be available from this week.



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