Instagram launches new tools for creators to collaborate and partner with brands – TechCrunch

Instagram is testing new tools for creators to earn commissions and form partnerships with brands on their platform. The Facebook-owned company is expanding its existing native affiliate tool, which launched in June, and allows creators to discover products, share them with followers, and earn commissions on sales driven by their posts.

With this latest release, creators can now add a digital storefront to showcase products or collections that are already part of their affiliate associations within the ‘view store’ button on their profile and earn a commission on sales. Instagram says that this new feature is currently only available to creators who are part of its native affiliate program.

Instagram is also testing new branded content association features to help creators get discovered by brands. Creators now have the ability to add brands they are interested in partnering with to their preferred ‘brand list’, giving them priority when companies are looking for new creators to work with.

In addition, Instagram is launching a new folder within direct messages exclusively for association messages. The new folder is intended to ensure that creators don’t miss out on opportunities from brands whose messages might have gotten buried in a creator’s inbox. Association messages will bypass the requests folder and get a priority location for brands and creators to find and manage their content associations.

Image credits: Instagram

Brands now also have the option to use unique data and filters to discover suitable creators for their campaigns. Then they can also organize short lists to manage multiple campaigns and creators. Businesses can now also create branded content reel ads. Additionally, Instagram has implemented new account permissions that allow creators to allow brands to create content ads from any of the creator’s posts, stories, and reels.

“These branding association tools are a big part of our ongoing commitment to helping creators make a living on Instagram, whether they partner with brands, get advertising money, receive support from their audience, or get bonuses straight from Instagram “. the company said in a blog post.

Instagram notes that it will continue to test and refine these features and make them available to more brands and creators in the future.

It’s worth noting that Instagram is among several digital platforms working to make it easy for brands and creators to work together. For example, TikTok has a Creator Marketplace that helps marketers discover top TikTok personalities for their brand campaigns. Similary, Pinterest has implemented features to help creators partner with brands on its platform.



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