Instagram Hide Likes

Last month, Instagram officially launched the ability to Instagram Hide Likes, aimed at giving users more control over their experience on the app and reducing the pressure of social validation. Instagram creators were under a lot of pressure after a recent drop in engagement, and some were looking for content validation in the number of likes. With this feature, Instagram is trying to take the pressure off creators’ shoulders and promote original content on the platform.

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Will engagement drop?

Recent studies show that page engagement has dropped in countries where likes have been hidden, such as Brazil and Australia. The drop in likes can cause Instagram’s algorithm to prevent content from reaching the study page, even after posting quality content.

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How can you hide the likes in your posts?

To hide likes from your posts, you need to go into the post and then click the “hide likes” button, after which people won’t be able to see the likes on your posts. In order to hide the likes, you need to do the same function for all your posts. There is no function to hide the likes for all your posts together. Therefore, if someone has over 1000 posts, they need to disable the likes on all of their posts.

Anyone can go into desktop mode and see your likes, whether you choose to hide them or not. Hiding likes also reduces the need to buy fake likes on the platform because content creators can now simply hide their likes.

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