Diwali is being celebrated from Thursday this week, and Instagram’s looking to help users take part with a range of new stickers and AR effects, while it’s also running various themed events to tie into the broader Diwali festival.

First off, on features – Instagram‘s worked with artist Neethi on three new Diwali stickers which users can add to their Stories, each depicting a key element of the celebration.

Instagram Announces New Features and Events to Celebrate Diwali

When you add any of the stickers to your Story, your upload will also be added to a collective Diwali Story as well, which will showcase all of the publicly posted instances of each, which you’ll then be able to find in your Stories tray.

Instagram Announces New Features and Events to Celebrate Diwali

In addition to this, Instagram’s also bringing back its ‘Festive Diya’ AR effect for the event, available in Reels, Stories and regular feed posts.

Instagram Announces New Features and Events to Celebrate Diwali

Instagram will also be looking to highlight South Asian creators and businesses on its main @instagram account, as well as various small businesses on the Shop tab. Instagram’s also running a series of live-streams to showcase the various ways in which people take part in the Diwali festival.

And finally, Instagram’s also adding a ‘POV Reels’ series, which will also highlight the many unique styles of celebrating Diwali, with a Reels-specific spin.

Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations in the world, with over a billion people marking the event in various ways, and it’s good to see Instagram putting more focus on the Diwali celebration, and highlighting what the event means, and how people can take part.

The new Diwali features will be active in the app over the next week.  



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