In the immediate aftermath of the IBM partnership, Celonis announces one with ServiceNow – TechCrunch

Celonis, the advanced stage processing mining startup with a valuable valuation of $ 11 billion, today announced a new partnership, this one with ServiceNow.

Celonis co-founder and CEO Alexander Rinke says that he and ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott go back a long way and that working together should provide great benefits for the two companies. ” With ServiceNow, we can both increase the benefits that customers receive, make sure we are helping companies modernize their underlying processes and the systems on which those processes run, ”he said.

The two companies will work together to combine the Service Now low-code workflow automation tool that it announced in March with Celonis’ process mining tools. Dave Wright, Chief Innovation Officer at ServiceNow, says that by marrying Celonis’ process execution expertise with ServiceNow’s automation, machine learning, robotic process automation and low-code application development capabilities, they can improve workflow. for your mutual clients.

“It’s about helping clients understand more deeply how work moves in the company and applying that insights to accelerate digital innovation and predict how to improve work,” Wright said.

Today’s announcement comes on the heels of a similar deal with IBM announced in April, and it gives the company another great organization to help it sell its software. Rinke says the three companies can work together.

“This partnership is designed to benefit all of our clients and strategic partners, including IBM Global Business Services (GBS). IBM GBS has experience with both ServiceNow and Celonis and could now combine both platforms to deliver a much faster and more substantial transformation of business processes, ”he said.

These big companies and investors see something here, and it’s a company that creates process mining software to help clients understand how work flows through their organizations and from there how to make it more efficient through automation. Working together with these larger organizations should help drive Celonis’s business growth, while giving these large public companies access to sophisticated software that they can combine with the software and services they are already offering.

ServiceNow has also been moving toward automation in a big way in the last year, announcing a series of moves to accelerate this change. That included the acquisition of RPA vendor Intellibot and the announcement of no-code workflow authoring tools in March.

The $ 11 billion valuation came in June when Celonis announced a $ 1 billion Series D.



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