Howatson+Company & Plenti: Destroy your dreams

Love this. It’s a riveting montage of dreams being blown up. Who is not going to watch that and wonder? The commercial by Howatson+Company for Fintech lender, Plenti, asks Australians to destroy their dreams…to make them real. Who is not going to be drawn to that promise?

Destroy Your Dreams nods to the fact that more Australians than ever are using inspiration boards on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, to plan their dreams. Home renovations, green upgrades, weddings and cars, many of these dreams have remained just that, living inside boards and not brought to life.

Howatson+Company executive creative director, Gavin Chimes, explained, “We all have that Pinterest board that’s gathering digital dust. A dream reno, the perfect wedding. This campaign is about shaking people out of their complacency and inspiring them to take action. And by creating it, we got to fulfill one of our very own dreams, blowing stuff up in an ad.”

Howatson+Company & Plenti: Destroy your dreams

Plenti chief executive officer, Daniel Foggo, stated, “We’re excited to be launching a major brand campaign and customer competition that highlights how Plenti can help people achieve their dreams. Since our founding, Plenti has grown to become Australia’s largest consumer fintech lender – and our new campaign is reflective of the Plenti brand, and who we are as a business. It highlights just how exciting it is to bring people’s big ideas to life as we continue to build Australia’s best lender.”

Howatson+Company & Plenti: Destroy your dreams

Plenti head of marketing, Samantha Saunders, added, “Plenti is the biggest fintech lender in the country. We were founded seven years ago and we’re an established business, but our brand is young and still relatively new to the consumer marketplace. We needed a cut-through brand campaign that would resonate with our affluent customer base. As a modern lender, with modern customers, we were prepared to take risks with the creative, so long as the work reflected who we are and where we’re going.”

This is the first work Howatson+Company has launched for Plenti, since coming on board in June. In addition to the hero film, Plenti has released a suite of product films, social assets and is facilitating a Destroy Your Dreams consumer promo.

Howatson+Company & Plenti: Destroy your dreams


Client: Plenti

Agency: Howatson+Company

Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: James Dive
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Producer: Julianne Shelton
DOP: Ross Giardina
Production Designer: Sam Lukins
Editor: Dan Lee 

Post Production: ARC
Music & Sound: Rumble Studios



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