Bulk On TikTok

TikTok now lets users block, delete or report comments or accounts in bulk on TikTok, a new way to prevent bullying on its platform.

TikTok continues to combat in-app bullying and harassment in order to make its app a safer place for self-expression.

To access the new feature you can long-press on a comment or tap the pencil icon. There you will find a variety of options (block, delete, or report) and you can select up to 100 comments or accounts.

The new feature began rolling out this week in several markets, with more to come over the coming weeks.

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Director of product, trust, and safety Joshua Goodman wrote in a blog post, “People put their hearts and souls into creating and entertaining on TikTok, and we recognize how discouraging it can feel to receive unkind comments on videos. So, we’re introducing the ability to delete multiple comments at once or report them for potentially violating our community guidelines. Accounts that post bullying or other negative comments can now be blocked in bulk, too.”

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