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Since camera-equipped cars first hit the streets 14 years ago, Google has captured more than 10 million kilometers of global Street View imagery.

But despite the advent of greener technology, the company is only now embarking on its first all-electric Street View vehicle.

That car, the Jaguar I-Pace, recently took to the streets of Dublin to take fresh pictures for Google Street View, a popular online service that offers panoramic views of more and more places around the world.

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But that’s not all the Jaguar I-Pace is doing, as the first all-electric Google Street View car has been outfitted with a mobile platform to collect data about the city’s air quality over the next 12 months.

Created by environmental intelligence company Aclima, the technology’s sensors can measure and analyze pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, fine particulate matter and ozone, which at high levels can harm not only the climate but also human health.

“Dublin City Council is committed to meeting its UN BreatheLife campaign commitments, and it is projects like this one that use innovation and forward thinking to allow us to make informed decisions for the benefit of our city and our citizens,” said Hazel Chew, Lord Mayor of Dublin, in comments published in the Irish Times. “Environmental air quality is an issue that affects everyone, especially people who live in cities, and I look forward to learning more about how our city lives and breathes.”

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Google has indeed been doing similar work in a number of cities since 2017, though given the type of vehicle used in Dublin, there will be a bit less pollution this time around.

It’s still unclear whether Google plans to use more all-electric cars in its current Street View project. We’ve reached out to the company to find out, and will update this article when we get an answer.

In other Street View news: Check out this great story about how one man carried a camera thousands of miles in a monumental attempt to capture the South African country of Zimbabwe on a Google map.

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