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Google is testing a new buying experience on Search and the Shopping tab; planning to bring it to YouTube and Images later this year.

Features For Brands: With over a billion shopping sessions a day happening across Google its platforms, the tech giant is expanding its digital-first retailing opportunities. After announcing its partnership with Shopify at I/O 2021, Google is now working on more ways to bridge the connection between retailers and consumers – and build a fully integrated ecosystem across its various platforms.

On a recent Google Marketing Livestream, Google announced that it is introducing new tools that will help retailers on WooCommerce, GoDaddy, and Square to integrate with Google – easily and for free. By doing so, Google says that this will help brands “be better positioned to stand out and speak directly to customers across Search, Shopping, Images, Maps, and YouTube.”

In addition to the above, brands will soon have the ability to curate how their brand appears on Google, through videos, rich lifestyle imagery, and interactive story formats. Again, for free.

These updates come at a time when consumers are increasingly inclined to shop online but also a lot more interested in finding out who they buy from. According to a recent study by 5WPR, 71% of consumers want to identify and buy from companies that are aligned with their values.

To help those companies, Google is working on several other initiatives and features.

For example, earlier this year, Google launched its Black-owned business attribute on Search and Maps. Now, Google is allowing new business attributes that inform customers about who they’re buying from – for example, a “women-led” attribute to help customers support women-owned businesses.

Google is also looking to enhance the shopping “hands-on” experience by integrating its latest development in AR, which already allows shoppers to virtually try on makeup. Its latest AR apparel experience will now let customers see how different tops look on people like them before making a purchase.

Furthermore, Google also piloting the integration of a merchant loyalty program, which will display special loyalty pricing and benefits when people first start shopping on Google. Sales and promotions will also be easier to discover, beginning from later this year.

Google is testing a new buying experience on Search and the Shopping tab, and plans to bring it to YouTube and Images later this year.

Ahead of the Christmas season, Google will launch a deals results page on Search and the Shopping tab, and real-time deal optimization reporting on Merchant Center.

As consumers now expect more buying options than ever, and searches for “available near me,” “curbside pickup,” and “in stock” surge globally by up to 800% since last year, Google is now displaying these options on local inventory ads. Curbside pickup and in-store shopping labels are also coming to YouTube and Maps local ads.

Finally, when customers discover products on Google, they’ll now be able to see a summary of all buying options in one place. Google says that merchants will soon be able to offer Shop Pay as a buying option, giving their customers more options for an easy checkout experience.

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