What was your most-used GIF throughout 2021?

Leading GIF platform GIPHY has revealed the most popular GIFs on its platform for the year, with shock and confusion seemingly the leading emotional drivers for GIF usage.

Also, Baby Yoda, or Grogu as he’s actually known.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular GIF for the year comes from the US version of ‘The Office’, with Stanley’s stoic expression best summing up the response to many of the year’s events.

The Office has been a goldmine for GIF makers, and if they were monetized to any significant degree, you can bet they’d be making more and more episodes of the show, as fast they could.

According to GIPHY, this GIF alone has been viewed more than 636 million times across the web.

Also on the 2021 top 10 GIF list is this very sad Pikachu:

Very sad indeed.

There’s also this knowing wink from Agnes:

While The Weeknd’s confusion came up time and time again in response to various news stories throughout the year.

And, of course, Grogu:

Collectively, the top 10 GIFs listed have been viewed more than 4.5 billion times, underlining the popularity of GIF usage, and the adoption of GIFs as a communications option, conveying emotional response in a simplified form.

GIFs can also be an effective tool for brand communications, when used well, and the listing could point you towards some new options to consider in your responses – if, of course, that aligns with your branding approach on social.

Or you can use the listing as an indicator of where we’re at in 2021, in response to the various happenings of the last 11 months. Really, it feels like June was only a week ago, so I’m surprised there are not more confused GIFs in the list, but the top 10 do seem to sum up most of the prevailing emotions of the time.

You can check out GIPHY’s full Top 10 GIFs of the Year listing here.



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