Samsung Mocks Apple

Samsung Mocks Apple in Its New Smartphone Announcement, But It Backfires: Videos In 2021

To promote the new Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung once again resorted to an old reliable tactic: Samsung Mocks Apple. But the marketing has drawn relentless criticism.The rivalry between Samsung...

The New Video Platform For Watching High-Quality Memes: Neverthink.TV In 2021

Neverthink: A place to call home The quality of video memes has increased dramatically since 2016, thanks to new advances in editing tools, the economics of creators, and the general...

This Instagram Account Transforms Pop Stars Into Furbies In 2021

The Instagram account @furbyliving has transformed everyone from Björk to Britney Spears, Rina Sawayama and Lady Gaga, into Furbies. Furbies: While we are all trying to hard on Instagram, @furbyliving...
Justin Bieber Will Perform Live On TikTok

Justin Bieber Will Perform Live On TikTok For #ValentinesDay in 2021

Justin Bieber Will Perform Live On TikTok, performing tracks from his 2013 Journals release for the first time.If you have not yet planned anything for Valentine’s Day, TikTok has...

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American Household Debt Hits Record $16.2 Trillion As Mortgages, Credit Card Spending Swell—Delinquencies Creep...

Credit card spending posted its biggest quarterly increase in 20 years as high inflation forces ... consumers to spend more or get less.Key...

Rocaestate -Here to help you buy a house or apartment in Portugal

More and more foreign citizens are buying real estate in Portugal. And many do not even move to the country, but either live on...

Twitter Activates New, Custom Like Animation for the Latest ‘Scream’ Film

Twitter has launched a first-of-its-kind like animation as part of a promotion for the latest ‘Scream’ film, which is released in cinemas this week,...