Facebook Stories Panel: Facebook may be close to giving Instagram Stories a significant boost by integrating a new Reels video display directly into the Facebook app, as it tries to combat the continued growth of TikTok.

Facebook Stories Panel

As seen in this example published by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Facebook is currently testing a new display option for the top of the Stories panel that will give users the option to see an alternative display of either Stories, Instagram Reels, or unfinished video and audio numbers.

This could help increase the discovery of new Facebook audio rooms, which are currently being tested in real time with individual authors and groups, but will most significantly increase the exposure of Instagram Reels, as Reels content will be displayed right at the top of the Facebook app, which is used by 2.85 billion people a month.

Instagram certainly has a billion active users, but many Facebook users are not Instagram or TikTok users. This could be a great option for Facebook to increase interest in videos by opening up the option to a whole range of new audiences, which could then increase engagement and interest in videos in general.

Facebook is doing its best to make Reels a more important element of the app, trying to stop users from switching to TikTok. It’s still working to improve the Reels algorithm to maximize engagement and usage, and is developing a new payment program for top Reels creators, which is similar to Snapchat’s offer to pay Spotlight for top clips.

But the real ace up Facebook’s sleeve here is the potential for exposure and, ultimately, monetization opportunities. Instagram itself is still bigger than TikTok in terms of users (though perhaps not for long), and if it can extend Reels to Facebook users as well, it could be an unbeatable and very attractive audience for those looking to build an audience for their content.

Facebook has been testing Reels recommendations in Facebook Watch and user feeds since late last year, but this experiment, which has not yet been launched, will be the biggest step it has taken in this direction so far.

In addition, Facebook is also developing a new Facebook Reels feature.

Facebook Stories Panel

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